Promotional Veterinarian products are great for getting your message across in a customised, creative way. We have a wide range of pet friendly products perfect for your pooch promotions and branded giveaways. From dog leads to tick removers; we have your promotional pet needs covered.

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Bandana Dog Collar

From £1.88
Bandana Style Dog Collar

Big Pet Bowl

From £3.63
Large Pet Bowl

Dog Coat

From £6.25
High Vis Dog Vest

Dog Collar Tags

From £0.36
Round Shape

Dog Frisbee

From £1.54
Bendy Plastic Dog Frisbee

Dog Lead - 20mm

From £2.00
Dog Lead - 20mm

Dog Lead - 25mm

From £2.01
Dog Lead - 25mm

Dog Leads15mm

From £1.40
Dog Lead 15mm

Dog Training Clicker

From £1.72
Loud or quiet click

Dog Treat Bag

From £2.55
900D Polyester

Felt Covered Rubber Dog Ball

Price on request
Felt Covered Rubber Dog Ball

Flybit Pet Frisbee

From £1.94
Fabric Frisbee

Foldable Pet Bowl

From £2.33
Polyester Pet Bowl

Folding Dog Bowl

From £1.88
Collapsible Food Bowl

High Visbility Dog Collar

From £1.52
Refelctive Dog Collar

Large Pet Bowl

From £1.78
Large Pet Bowl

Light Up Dog Lead

From £3.53
Dog Lead

Mini Tick Kit

From £2.03
Tick Remover Kit

Pet Care Kit

From £3.17
Large Pet Care Kit

Polyester Dog Collar

From £0.81
Polyester Dog Collar