Promotional Veterinarian products are great for getting your message across in a customised, creative way. We have a wide range of pet friendly products perfect for your pooch promotions and branded giveaways. From dog leads to tick removers; we have your promotional pet needs covered.

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Dog Coat

From £6.62
High Vis Dog Vest

Dog Collar Tags

From £0.33
Round Shape

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

From £2.99
Made of Neoprene

Dog Training Clicker

From £1.66
Loud or quiet click

Dog Treat Bag

From £2.02
900D Polyester

Felt Covered Dog Ball

From £1.50
Felt Covered Dog Ball

Flybit Pet Frisbee

From £2.42
Fabric Frisbee

Folding Dog Bowl

From £5.17
Collapsible Food Bowl

Mini Tick Kit

From £2.70
Tick Remover Kit

Pet Care Kit

From £3.30
Large Pet Care Kit

Polyester Dog Collar

From £1.25
Polyester Dog Collar

Polyester Dog Lead

From £2.96
Polyester Dog Lead

Poop Bag Holder and Torch

From £3.71
Waste bag holder and light

Tick First Aid Kit

From £2.93
MyKit Tick Set first aid kit. Ideal kit to remove ticks and treat their bites.

Koda plastic dog bowl

From £2.39
Koda plastic dog bowl

Dog Bandana

From £1.71
Dog Bandana

Recycled Dog Collar

From £1.32
Recycled PET

Recycled Dog Lead

From £3.19
Recycled PET

Pet Grooming Glove

From £5.08
Right Hand Only

Silicone Dog Frisbee

From £3.00
Pet Safe Silicone Dog Frisbee

According to figures collected by the RSPC 44% of household own pets - that’s almost half! And when our pets are sick the first place we go is the vets! Veterinarian giveaways range from Dog leads to tick removers.

Our range of dog leads are fully customisable with the ability to print to both sides of the lead. This could be a great giveaway at Vet practises, Pet food marketing campaigns or even dog shows. With some of the largest dog shows Crufts that over 166,000 people attend.

Useful items such as a the folding pet bowl is great for when your travelling or out and about with your pet, why not team this up with a reusable shopping bag and make up a little goodie bag great for owner and pet. Most of our items can be printed spot colour up to full colour giving you great branding opportunities.

Not quite sure of the best product to suit your campaign. Our sales team (and office dog Connie) can always recommend products and even work on bespoke ideas that are perfect for your pooch or pet promotions and our design team can create 3-D visuals to help you see your product before it goes to print!