Promotional Webcam Covers are the perfect giveaway idea. You can create a branded webcam cover to suit your company style with your logo up to full colour on most covers. Online security is more important than ever, so ensure your personal safety and privacy with a customised webcam cover. 

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Eco Web Cam Cover - Made from Recycled Paper

From £1.16
Eco Web Cam Cover - Made from Recycled Paper

Web Cam Cover

From £1.20
Web Cam Cover

Nanobloc Webcam Cover

Price on request
The nanobloc webcam cover uses suction to stick to any one of your devices, so no residue left behind and no damage to your device.

Webcam Blocker

From £0.94
Adhesive webcam cover

2 in 1 Screen Cleaner And Webcam Cover

From £0.36
2 in 1 Screen Clear And Webcam Cover

Black Webcam Cover

From £2.01
Black Webcam Cover

Hide camera blocker

From £0.59
Hide camera blocker

Webcam Cover Blocker

From £1.50
Webcam cover and blockers

During our current 'Zoom' era where we are video calling the office, home schooling and even doing exercise classes at home now is the time to ensure our safety when it comes to securing our devices. Having a webcam cover will secure the lens from the online world seeing into your safe place. 

We used to have webcams that plugged in via USB so it was as simple as unplugging the device however we are now mostly working on laptops or monitors that have inbuilt webcams as a necessary feature to modern society.

Our most popular style simply sticks to your laptop or monitor making a small but simple giveaway. Most of our webcam covers come with a full colour backing card which means you can promote you brand or campaign and even pass on the message as to why your clients security is important to you! The webcam covers are also flat enough to post so would also make a great postal campaign to all your clients now working from home.

A webcam cover can also give you them extra few seconds to just to check everything is ready to go before going live as some programmes automatically go live - this could save an embarrassing mishaps!

Yes 'I could just use tape?' I hear you say but tape can leave a sticky residue on the screen and over time will damage the lens!

Here at AMT we are able to provide quick quotes with visuals so you will be able to get an idea of what your product is going to look like and if its going to be the ideal promotion for your campaign.


Random Fact: The act of hijacking a webcam is called “Camfecting,”